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Born to inspire is a mission that I have been on since my mother gave birth. I'm here to help you find your purpose in life. Leaving an impact on other people lives dictates your legacy. This is the beginning of what I like to call a lifetime bond. I hope I'm able to help you maximize your full potentials while here on earth.


About Author/Life Coach Jaminson A. Franklin

Jaminson A. Franklin, born and raised in Columbus Ga. Growing up being an author/life coach was not part of the plan. Life has a strange way of redirecting you. My goal in life and on this journey is to try my hardest to inspire others to pursue their goals with no limitations. From my younger days up until this point in my life, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. One in specific,  that I would pay you to write down is: "It’s so much easier to give up than to push through". I’m a firm believer in if you want it bad enough nothing will stop you from achieving it. My mother would always tell me a real leader leads by example. This is an great example for the person that have a story to tell and one that just can't seem to get it going. No more procrastination. leaving an impact on the lives of others has always been my goal and I hope I'm able to do so. 

This will help us gain a lifetime bond and I will be available for you when you feel as if you have no one else. Until next time blessings upon you all.

Jaminson Franklin


Jaminson A. Franklin Services

We Put Your Needs First

Work/Life Balance Coaching

We all have a family to feed but most important you must always remember that you also have a life. I will help you find the best plan to keep a balance between the two.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is personal and very sensitive. The goal is to gain a understanding on the issue and find the best solution. We will touch in the areas of singles, divorced, couples, and family issues.

Time Management Coaching

In this particular area we will cater to the busy and overwhelmed. Single parents, overworked employees, or anyone with an expanding schedule and a decreasing amount of freedom.


"Today is more important than tomorrow, because there's no guarantee that tomorrow will come" 

Jaminson A. Franklin


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